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          Lean Management
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          1 、Localization of lean management

          "Lean management, improve continuously" is management principle of the company. It solves the problem of " how to innovation and how to improve competiveness continuously,provides strong support for promoting personal performance assessment and creats a steady basis to achieve company's strategic target.

          • Promote lean management

            Basic management: 6S, TPM, OPL; innovation management: improvement proposal, overall innovation;

            Project management: focus task, QCC, IE application……

          • Establish lean system

            6S management methods; PDCA management language; improvement proposal management regulations; overall innovation management regulations;

            Focus task & QCC management process; IE promotion and application management regulations;

          • Training personnel for lean management

            Promoting committee member; promoting specialist; promoting manager; promoting expert……

          • Create lean improvement culture

            Training, learning, lean activities, promoting, guiding, and prompt incentives.

          * Create lean and effective operating system, continuously optimize PQSDCM

          P:productive;Q:quality ;C:cost ;D:delivery;Ssafety ;M:morale

          2、Development of lean management
          • Phase 1 2009

            Conduct 6S management; advocate periodical improvement;
            Improve production plan; make quality improvements;
            Equipment improvements( TPM );
            Create an improving atmosphere.

          • Phase 2 2011

            Establish quality goal;
            Establish improvement proposal system;
            Establish focus task management system;
            Import JIT management system( JIT )。

          • Phase 3 2013

            Set up brilliant group;
            Fast growth of new employee ;
            Establish scientific standard operating procedure (SOP);
            Continuous training among middle-level managerial staff ;
            Establish QC activity management regulation

          • Phase 4 2015

            Building international brand ;
            Improve professional competence;
            Upgrade automation level ;
            Establish PDCA basic working method.

          • Phase 5 2017

            supply chain improvement
            SAP upgrading and coming into service
            efficiency improvement of manufacturing system
            IE method importing

          • Phase 6 2019

            create 6S management normalization system
            upgrading and optimizing of lean management racing mechanism
            to support the improvement management on strategy implementation
            collaborate of lean management of subsidiaries

          3、Classified catalogue of lean management
          • Foundational management:

            6S/OPL/TPM/TWI checking and instructing

          • Innovation management:

            Improvement proposal evaluation/ innovation platform maintenance

          • Project management:

            focus task&QCC activity guidance and results evaluation

          • Promotion and application of IE:

            IE methods promoting, IE special improvement guidance

          • Lean
          4、Popularize of lean management

          Foundational management:

          Build good on-site management, improve efficiency and quality.

          Innovation management:

          At the end of 2019, then quantity of improvement proposal is 58217pcs,and 2013~2019,excellent proposals creat CNY 21 million for the company.


          Quantity of improvement proposal

          Project management:

          At the end of 2019, then quantity of focusing subjects and QCC improvement proposal is 466pcs,and 2013~2019,finished excellent proposals creat CNY 42 million for the company.


          Quantity of focus task & QCC activities

          5、Result of implementing lean management

          Technical communication; demand confirmation; forecast; make stock

          On-site settle in one working day;

          Reply 8D report in 3 working days;

          customer visits, technical communication;

          on-time delivery;

          product quality meet customer requirements.